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Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society

Guest editors: Andreas Umland and Yuliya Yurchuk

Vol. 7, No. 1 (2021)


Special Section:
Issues in the History and Memory of the OUN IV

Yuliya Yurchuk and Andreas Umland: Introduction: Empirical and Conceptual Questions in Classifying and Commemorating the OUN(B)’s War-Time Record

Grzegorz Motyka: NKVD Internal Troops Operations against the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in 1944–45

Oksana Myshlovska: History Education and Reconciliation: The Ukrainian National Underground Movement in Secondary School History Curricula, Textbooks, and Classroom Practices in Ukraine (1991–2012)

Marian Luschnat-Ziegler: Observing Topics and Trends in Ukrainian Memory Politics (2014–2019) through Structural Topic Modeling

A Debate on “Ustashism,” Generic Fascism, and the OUN I

Featuring contributions by Ángel Alcalde; Ivan Gomza; Roger Griffin; Per A. Rudling; Stephen D. Shenfield; Andreas Umland; Yuliya Yurchuk; and Oleksandr Zaitsev

Book reviews

By Magda Giurcanu; Aleksander Ivanov; Mariia Koskina; Aleksandra Pomiecko; Darina Sadvakassova; Maria Shagina; Aijan Sharshenova; Iryna Shchygol; and Kateryna Smagliy