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Journal of Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society

Guest editor: Eleonora Narvselius

Vol. 5, No. 2 (2019)

Based on up-to-date field material, this issue focuses on the palimpsest-like environments of East-Central European borderland cities. The present shapes and contents of these urban environments derive from combinations of cultural continuities and political ruptures, present-day heritage industries and collective memories about the contentious past, expressive material forms and less conspicuous meaning-making activities of human actors; they evolve from perpetual tensions between the choices of the present and the weight of the past.

The contributors address a set of key questions: What is specific about the transnationalization of memory in these urban public spaces? What are the political rationales and ramifications of the different approaches taken to the legacies of perished population groups in different cities? How do these approaches relate to European dimensions of memory and the "European vector" of identity-making of the contemporary urban populations?


Special Issue: Remembering Historical Diversity in East–Central European Cityscapes

Guest Editor: Eleonora Narvselius

Introduction. Remembering Historical Diversity in East-Central European Borderland Cities
Eleonora Narvselius

Urban Environment and Perished Populations in Chişinău, Chernivtsi, L’viv, and Wrocław: Historical Background and Memories Versus City Planning and Future Perspectives
Bo Larsson

Between Anonymity and Attachment: Remembering Others in Lviv’s Pidzamche District
Natalia Otrishchenko

On the Peripheries of Memory: Tracing the History of the Old Jewish Cemetery in Wrocław’s Urban Imaginary
Juliet D. Golden and Hana Cervinkova

Thinking Differently, Acting Separately? Heritage Discourse and Heritage Treatment in Chişinău
Anastasia Felcher

Myths and Monuments in the Collective Consciousness and Social Practice of Wrocław
Paweł Czajkowski

A Tangle of Memory: The Eternitate Memorial Complex in Chişinău and History Politics in Moldova
Alexandr Voronovici

Patterns of Collective Memory: Socio-Cultural Diversity in Wrocław Urban Memory
Barbara Pabjan

Identificational and Attitudinal Trends in the Ukrainian–Romanian Borderland of Bukovina
Nadiia Bureiko and Teodor Lucian Moga


Andrii Nekoliak on:

Uilleam Blacker, Memory, the City and the Legacy of World War II in East Central Europe: The Ghosts of Others

John M. Callahan on:

Alexander Gogun, Stalin’s Commandos: Ukrainian Partisan Forces on the Eastern Front

Robert H. Greene on:

Vladlen Loginov, Vladimir Lenin: How to Become a Leader

Vinícius Silva Santana on:

Igor Torbakov, After Empire: Nationalist Imagination and Symbolic Politics in Russia and Eurasia in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century

Angelo Vito Panaro on:

Andrea Cassani and Luca Tomini, Autocratization in Post-Cold War Political Regimes

George Kordas on:

Petar Cholakov, Ethnic Entrepreneurs Unmasked: Political Institutions and Ethnic Conflicts in Contemporary Bulgaria

Elliot Dolan-Evans on:

Natalia Shapovalova and Olga Burlyuk (eds.), Civil Society in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine: From Revolution to Consolidation

Remembering Diversity in East-Central European Cityscapes

JSPPS 5:2 (2019)

Guest Editor:

Eleonora Narvselius, Lund University

General Editor and Issue Editor-in-Chief: Julie Fedor, University of Melbourne

Consulting Editor: Andreas Umland, Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, Kyiv

Editors: Andrey Makarychev, University of Tartu

Reviews Editor: Gergana Dimova, University of Winchester

376 pages, Paperback. 2019
ISSN 2364-5334

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